The Definite Guide on Choosing the Best Spin Bike

Before we zone in to the definitive guide to choosing the best spin bike, let’s first look at the difference it has with an exercise bike.

As you could have guessed, spin bikes, unlike exercise bikes, offer a broad range of alternative pedaling, seating and handlebar positioning. They are also more ergonomically designed, besides boasting a good number of features, such as foot straps for preventing foot, ankle and toe injuries, that you’re less likely to find in exercise bikes.

Their overall versatility and ability to make cycling sessions more effective is the main reason they are more popular than exercise bikes.

To help you get the most out of your indoor cycling experience, we did some little legwork on all the best options you have in the market to bring you a definite guide on the number of things to consider while shopping around for the best spin bike.

Spin Bike Computers

Some spin bikes arrive equipped with computer displays for showing power output (in watts), revolutions per minute (rpm), resistance level, pedaling time and the trip distance or odometer.

Such readings are considered important as they can help you keep track of your workout progress as well as keep you motivated when you have a target to hit.

Bear in mind that not all spin bikes have a computer display. It may even NOT be that necessary, but consider it a big plus if you’re looking for something to optimize your cycling session.


Another thing that sets any great exercise equipment from its middling equivalent is customization. Customization can be looked at as the degree by which any equipment conforms with your body instead of making you adjust to suit it.

In this sense, the best spin bike is one that’s highly adjustable—from the seat position, handlebars, seat height to whatnot.

This should help to make the exercising experience more comfortable, which should in turn motivate you to come for more and over the long haul help you attain the fitness goal you’ve always had.

Water Bottle Holder

You might not see the seriousness of getting an indoor cycle with a water bottle holder, but wait until you get dehydrated in the middle of your cycling session to see how wrong you were in settling for spin bike without one.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight your spin bike can handle. Whereas most spin bikes are designed to handle at least 250 lbs of weight, you might want to pick the bike with the highest weight capacity in case one your plump friends show up and makes it straight to your bike for a ride.

Resistance Function

Resistance function helps you to change the difficulty level of your pedaling. It’s one of the most important features of any indoor cycle.

With this feature, riders can adjust the resistance level to make the workout easier or tougher depending on the fitness goals they have. Resistance should be adjusted at regular intervals throughout the workout to vary the intensity, ramp up the workout, or cool down.

Different spin bikes come with varying resistance mechanisms. You may want to keep that in mind while deciding on the best bike to take with you home.

Flywheel Consideration

Some spin bikes feature heavy flywheels, which help simulate a regular outdoor bike. A heavier flywheel also has a higher momentum, which plays a very big role in keeping the bike steady and weighted down as the wheel spins and while the rider is in the middle of a cycling session.

Overall, a spin bike guarantees you an excellent indoor workout at home. A quality bike is recommended because it’s more comfortable, portable, adjustable, and has plenty of resistance to offer, thus making indoor cycling more effective.

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