Sunny Health Belt Drive Bike for indoor is an awesome equipment that anybody who is interested in doing exercise can think about considering. This indoor cycling bike can provide helpful and sheltered method for cycling and also practicing indoors. The twist bicycles usually come with vibe for riding in Open Street without getting to bother about traffic or with the awful climate.

The workouts and exercise that you can do on this awesome equipment are really smooth and calm. It can give you the real experience of biking and you may feel really great after the workout. It is a machine that you can buy for the gym or also for the home. It is a good investment that one can make for both the advanced as well as novice users.

Sunny Health SF-B1002 Review

This machine can make you feel like you have got gym inside the home. It can help you in getting involved with spinning exercise in intense way that you really feel much comfortable and good. It also do not cost a lot and you can easily schedule the workout timing of yours and have the fun of doing all that you want in your home.

Sunny Fitness is the company that is much popular in providing the machines necessary for the gyms. They have the major focus on the affordability as well as the durability of the products that they supply. They help the customers in getting the best out of the machines that they get from them even when they do not have much to spend on those. The products that you get from this company are much affordable and especially when it comes to the features and also the cost that you get with it. The quality of the product is also good and it is also much cheap in cost.

Product Specifications

This is the product that you get in the dimension of 90 x 20 x 44 inches. This is the product that is really much comfortable when you are using it. The product weights to about 115 lbs. The frame of the product is made out of steel. The flywheel weights to about 49 lbs.

There are chances for you to transport wheels when there are chances to have better a kind of the things. It is the vehicle that can bear to about 275lbs of weight of the user. It is possible for you to have belt drive mechanism with this machine. The handle bars and also the seat of this machine is adjustable so that people can use it as per the way they need it.

There is also a water bottle holder available with the machine so that you can get your water bottle near you when you are doing workout. It is always good for you to choose this machine as it really makes things much better and have finest way of workout. The vehicle also comes with LCD screen with it.


This machine comes with adjustable seat that this spin bike can be used by people with different heights in comfortable manner. Many of the people have found that the products that of poor quality have got saddle which can be really hard to deal with for the individuals who are taller.

This is the bike that most of the individuals are finding much satisfied and it is possible for you to use the motorcycle so that the settings can be done much easier and also can easily adjust the seat as per your height in much easier manner. The handlebars that are available with this bike is also too good that it allows the athletes to easily move handlebars both backwards and forwards. It can prevent athletes from leaving and also straining the lower back.

This is the indoor cycling machine that really works smooth with the belt drive system that can really imitate the way a real cycle works. The adjustable resistance and also brake system of the machine are also much good that allows user for customizing the training sessions and also push little or as much the way they actually need. This is the fitness equipment that is very rare and allows you to get full control over that. This is the model that comes with flywheel that is impressively heavy. This is the one which is offered by chain drive that is offered by the drive counterpart.

The pedals that are there with the machine are also really much comfortable to use. The come with wider straps that can easily cater with the shoe sizes of any individual. It is also possible for you to easily stand up and also work out as the pedals are really sturdy and have the capability for bearing the entire weight of your body. There are handy accessories to equipped with spinning bike that include water bottle holder so that you need not have to get down every time you want to drink some water.

This machine also comes with the feature of slip resistance. This is the feature that can keep the bike in place and help you in getting indulged in workouts that are really vigorous. The product is also much easier to be stored. This product is equipped with transport wheels that make it much easier for dragging this product to any place you want. You can also keep this in the backyard. The frame of the vehicle is really sturdy and solid and it also needs very less floor space so that it makes things much perfect for the people.


It is a product that is much good for the home as it occupies less floor space. It allows you to have safe ride. The product is durable and sturdy and so can be considered for long term use.


There are no many disadvantages with it. The only thing is it can be used only for cycling and may be not good for the ones who want multipurpose workout equipment.