The Sunlite Cloud 9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser gel, tri-color black is designed to give maximum comfort to the user. Bicycle seats can be hard and unyielding.

Strain is often experienced after extended use especially on the lower muscles. The sensitivity caused from such uncomfortable features on both stationary and outdoor bikes can make the cycling experience less enjoyable.

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddl

This cruiser gel saddle is modeled to limit the discomfort and enable prolonged cycling without worrying about muscle stress or pain. This product is highly ranked because of the excellent design and the usefulness it provides to both professional and novice cyclists.

Dual-layer Gel Padding

The foam padding used in the production of the saddle is soft and yielding. It cushions the seat and molds into the right fit for the body during cycling. The double layer of the gel has been used to increase the forgiving foamy effect.

Single layers of gel will often still give the body’s sensitive areas the uncomfortable feel of the underlying hard seat. This is enhanced to give more durability and to be softer without sinking.

Universal Design

The Sunlite Cruiser saddle is designed to universally fit in all the standard bicycle seat posts. Installation of this seat is not restricted to specific models or brands.

As long as the general regular measurements of the bike saddle seat are in the universal model and design, this product is perfect. The cruiser gel saddle measures ten and half inches long and wide.

It can also fit on many stationary bikes that conform to the customary dimensions and model.

Spring Suspension

The Sunlite Cloud 9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle is fitted with chrome spring suspension. This coil feature offers exceptional impact absorption capabilities.

It smoothes out any bumps experienced during the cycling exercise. This aspect has also been installed to extend the lifespan of the saddle even when it is put in frequent use.

Weatherproof Cover

Cycling in the outdoors will expose the user and the bike to varying conditions. The tri-color black saddle has comes with a Lycra cover that is weatherproof.

This makes it an outstanding product to fix on the bike when the weather is not completely conducive for the activity. The tri-color black finishing for the saddle is leather-like and it has been enhanced to prevent sticking when in use. It is an expedient color that is easy to keep clean.

Pros of the Product

Dual-layer gel in the saddle’s padding has been used for enhanced comfort.
Coil spring suspension feature to improve smoothness.
A design that can be installed on the standard models of the bicycle seats.
Dimensions that can fit on most brands of bicycles available.
Weatherproof cover that is perfect for varying climatic conditions.

Customer Reviews

The product is popular among the cyclists because of the comfort given. Most users found it much easier to ride for extended periods of time without the characteristic strain.

Cons of the Product

Some users fund the yielding softness of the seat uncomfortable after prolonged rides.


The Sunlite Cloud 9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, Cruiser gel, Tri-color black is an outstanding product for those who often experience discomfort when cycling.