Star Trac Pro is an upscale recumbent bike best known for its highly innovative features.

Imagine sitting comfortably on your favorite chair and getting one of the most rewarding, second-to-none workouts. That’s the experience you get when you ride the Star Trac Pro.

Sporting an embedded HD touch screen and one of the most comfortable back rests the industry has to offer, the bike embodies the future of recumbents. Its aerodynamic design, rounded out with a well contoured back seat aimed for comfort and lumbar support, gives it the form of two molded pieces of cardio equipment.

Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike

Key Features

The Star Trac Pro boasts up to 20 resistance levels designed to accommodate a broad range of workout intensities. That goes without mentioning the pre-set programs aimed at ensuring that you get the most out of your workouts.

You may use the console screen to track your progress, or add LCD screen to watch extra TV channels and online videos.

Weighing 130 pounds (59.1kgs) and measuring 66 x 25 x 25 inches, the bike can accommodate users weighing up to 350 pounds (159kgs).

Other features worth mentioning include a sturdy, rock-solid frame, self-contained electrical supply, one piece crank that comes with sealed bearings, and 13-inch pedal straps utilizing a lined up skate clip mechanism.

The most striking advantage that comes with owning this bike ought to be the riding experience. Designed to offer a real road biking experience, the bike lets you enjoy a great book while reading a book or watching your favorite TV show.

The seat slider is built to NOT only ensure that you get a sturdy ride, but that you’re also having optimal fitness in the most comfortable positions possible. This is further enhanced by the double density padding on the seat, built to ensure that you remain comfortable regardless of the length of time you’ve been exercising.

With 11 programs to choose from, including two watts and two heart-rate controlled programs, alongside an Astrand-Rhyming fitness test, the bike is designed to closely monitor your heart rate.

Entertainment options include an external auxiliary port theater, FitLinxx compatibility, and Broadcast vision.

The recumbent is also easy to move around the gym or home. And since it comes with an in-built power generator, it has no need for cords. Plus the rolling casters make it easy to set it up anywhere you prefer.

Other Features

The 15-inch embedded High-Definition touch screen designed to align your entry goals with intuitive workout programs.
The integrated iPod comes adorned with music and video connectivity, not to mention the USB charging station that allows you to display personal data while charging your media devices.
As with any top of the line exercise bike, the bike features dual platform pedals designed with inline skate style straps aimed at offering you an option for strap free or secure hold workout.
The intuitive wrap-around and walk-through design are meant to help you access the seat and switch positions with so much ease.
The contoured backrest serves to ensure there’s sufficient airflow and comfort.
The armrests alleviate the tension you get in the shoulders while working out. That’s besides allowing a more relaxed workout posture.
The bike comes with an auto-start feature that lets the bike start automatically the moment you begin pedalling. This, coupled with the step through design and the meshed seat back, makes the bike easy to mount and start riding.
Coming last is the popular adjustable fan, aimed at ensuring what you get is nothing less than a rewarding workout.

The Good

Customization Spin Settings
This ergonomically designed recumbent can accommodate any height. Whether tall or short, the micro-adjustable fore, aft seat slider, handle bars, and dual-sided SPD-compatible platform pedals can be adjusted to meet any biking need you have.

Size Accommodations
At a time when most bikes are designed to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight, this bike arrives with a maximum weight of 350 pounds (50 pounds extra). This makes it the machine to go for if you happen to fall on the big side of the spectrum.

The rock-solid frame, coated with zinc and aluminium makes the bike one of the most durable recumbent bikes in the market. You can use the bike many times a week, sharing it with all your friends and family members, and still have it lasting you a number of years.

Elbow Rests
Unlike a great majority of the exercise bikes within the price range, this one comes with an elbow rest that conveniently allows you to rest your elbow and continue pushing when your hands are too tired to hold the handlebars.

While other features take precedence in the list of things you might actually be interested in while shopping around for an exercise bike, looks carry a huge weight when it comes to choosing the right recumbent bike.

Luckily, this is one department Star Trac seemed to have perfected over the years. Speaking of which, the Star Trac Pro Recumbent bike just happens to be one the product that the company killed it as far looks is concerned.

The bad

The $1300 price tag makes it one of the most expensive recumbent bikes in the market at the moment. Worst is that many online stores don’t provide free shipping to those that choose to buy the bike online.

At 59.1kgs, some people may find it knotty to move the bike around.

User Review

The Star Trac Pro Recumbent scores it with big for design, quality, performance, features and comfort. Majority users love it for the comfortable seating and smooth operation, while a good number praise it for its sturdiness and the fact that it can actually be used by people with physical limitations.

Overall, the Star Trac Pro is an excellent choice of a recumbent exercise bike. You have no reason NOT love it, considering you won’t be calling your technician more often for repair as with many other exercise bikes in the market.

The Wrap Up

Taking everything into account, features, design, pros, cons and all the warning bells, the Star Trac Pro Recumbent Bike comes with NO serious dirt to dig up. The bike might be more on the expensive side, but one thing you’re guaranteed is that the purchase you make will be worth every penny you spend on it.