Exercise is very essential in our day today life so that the health can be easily maintained. All the parts of your body needs exercise so that everything stay fit and in good form. It is always good for you to choose such kind of exercise bike that can provide exercise for the various parts of the body like core, legs and arms.

Stamina elite is the perfect kind of exercise bike that considers the whole part of the body for work out and can be used for getting perfect results if they are used when the heart beat of the trainee is maximum in between 70 to 85 percentage. As a whole this is the product which is meant for the people who are trying to increase the rate of metabolism, tone muscles and also bit much better strength. The low impact motion which is a distinct feature of this product also has made it recommended to the patients who are going for physiotherapy.

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike Review

The total body recumbent bike from stamina elite provides you with great comfort during exercise. It has got the provision of providing eight levels of smooth and quiet exercise to both lower and upper body. The bike gives you with semi reclined position when you are doing exercise with the seat that is cushioned. There are arm rails which are adjustable with the total body recumbent bike that provides with overall stability.

Product Specification

This is considered as a perfect bike which is meant for providing your whole body good exercise. The product has a weight of about 117lbs, the maximum weight it can hold is about 250lbs. The product is available in the dimension of 49 inches x 24 inches x 52 inches. This product uses magnet for resistance and there are about eight levels of resistance available with the product that allows you to do exercise in eight different levels for both the upper as well as the lower body.

There are so many nice and good features associated with it and the one that makes it really perfect is that it can provide exercise to the whole body. The handles of the bike can easily be used in pedaling by arms when you are riding and thus giving rest of the upper body as well as your arms with better workout for matching with what the legs are actually doing with it. This is something much more than what you actually get from a bike that is stationary.


The seating design that you get from the bike is really perfect and makes your whole exercise effective and comfortable. The recumbent seating design that is used in the bike provides you with a better, relaxed and also semi horizontal position during the time of workouts. This is the kind of the positioning that is really much beneficial for the body as it can shift body weight to a position that is distributed more evenly. It can thus reduce the amount of pressure on the body parts that are more sensitive like lower back. This is the bike that has got a design which is great for the ones who have got some pans or aches from using the stationary bikes. It also suits the ones who are trying to figure out a way for workout in safer as well as much natural position of the body.

Magnetic resistance is another great feature that you get with the recumbent bike that can easily make it one among the quietest bike you can get around especially when you are considering various motions used while the workout is done for the whole body. This quietness that the bike offers also can make the ride much smoother and also can minimize the distracting noise out of machine which can else disturb you while you are watching TV or listening to music during the workout.

Resistance levels that the bike offers are amazing that is it provides with 8 different levels of resistance so that it is much easier for you to do exercise in such different positions both for the upper as well as the lower body without any kinds of issues. This can make the users to start doing workout from a level with less difficulty and move towards the one that needs you to go through much difficult time. The maximum resistance level that is available in the recumbent bike can be challenging for the ones who are new to workouts and using the stationary bikes.


Total body recumbent bike from Stamina elite is the one that has got the hand pedals as well as the foot pedals with it. This dual pedal design is something impressive and is one such which can be available only in few of the bikes available in market. Foot pedals are capable of delivering better cardiovascular workout and also for the toning of the lower body. Hand pedals can be much useful for the muscles of arms, for back and also for shoulders. It is the kind of design that is a good option for anyone.

The eight different resistance levels that you get with the stamina elite makes it a good one so that you can consider it for doing very hard types of exercise with great effort. It can easily reduce the calories in the body if you are following it in proper manner.

The seat that you get with the Stamina elite bike is the comfortable seat that is there with it and also the seat back can be adjusted with different angles as per your need. Most of the customers felt it really impressive.


Stamina elite do not have any workout routine available in the market that is per-programmed so that the ones using it can follow those. It also has got a display screen that has got only very limited things to view in it. The warranty that you get for this bike could have been better.


It is the best kind of the stationary bike which can be really good for providing with better kind of exercise.