The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is the ideal equipment to give you quality cardio workout. The benefits derived from using this bike are the same as those in cycling. This experience has an edge because it is convenient.

It is a viable alternative to those who do not have the time or inclination to go to the gym but want to keep fit. The reclining design of this bike is one of the best designs available for a comfortable session. The pressure exerted on the lower back is limited giving better results.

Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

The quiet operation experienced with this exercise equipment is expedient. It makes it possible to listen to music or watch videos without strain. When coupled with the easy recline of the seat, it can become a great spot for multitasking.

You can make phone calls, read or catch up on your work. It is effortless to monitor progress and adjusting levels of resistance will give diverse exercise challenges.

Enhanced Comfort

The general design of the recumbent seat is meant for comfort. The reclining model distributes the weight evenly. When sitting upright, all the upper body weight rests on the lower back.

This alternative makes certain that this is limited by having the backrest take on some of this pressure. The seat is padded to reduce strain and aches during extended sessions.

It is also adjustable to multiple positions to suit the stature and preference of the user. The vinyl upholstery is of high quality and the adjustable handrails offer excellent support. The pedals have a large size to make certain that every foot fits while limiting slipping.

Data Display

The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike comes with a handy built-in display screen. It shows the pertinent information about a workout session. It is an easy way to monitor progress and is excellent motivation to set and accomplish goals.

The details received include the distance, speed of the cycling, time period of the session and amount of calories burned. You can check this at any time while exercising.

The display clarity is high because the data is displayed in large numbers. Instead of endlessly fiddling with a variety of buttons, this monitor allows you to do a scan using a single button.

Great Operation

Smooth performance is a major benefit of using this bike. The pedaling targets major muscles such as thighs and the buttocks. It is ideal for strength training and building stable muscles.

It is also one of the best ways to get cardio workout in the comfort of your home. It is a low-impact aerobic routine that is considered very effective.

There are different resistance levels to allow extra challenges and build strength and endurance. As the user becomes more comfortable, the level can be adjusted using the handy tension knob. The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is remains stable even during intense sessions.


When the product is acquired, it will require some assembly work. This is a relatively easy to accomplish even for those without mechanical knowledge. The guidelines in the manual are precisely outlined.

There are appropriate tools included to make the work easier. This equipment is constructed sturdily for prolonged service. It is vital to properly assemble the machine for increased stability.

Pros of the Product

The recumbent design makes the bike very comfortable to use for extended period and ideal spot for multitasking.
Durable materials have been used to improve the general lifespan.
He monitor is easy to read and details are scanned through a single button.
There are different levels of magnetic resistance to offer new challenges.
Smooth and quiet operation even when working out vigorously.
Compact design that ensures too much space is not taken up.
It comes with a one-year warranty for the bike frame and 90 days for the parts.

Customer Reviews

The Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike is rated well by the users due to the excellent features. It’s affordable and the assembly is not troublesome. Due to the quiet performance it is ideal for the household.

Cons of the Product

The digital monitor has been said to stop working. It is however easy to do a reset.


This bike provides good fitness services without troubling the joints. Consider acquiring the Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike to enjoy affordable and quality performance.