The Sole Fitness R92 offers ultimate comfort during workouts. This model is appropriate if you suffer from joint and foot problems. It applies an exclusive 2-degree inward design on the foot pedals to ensure a user’s body remains in a correct posture throughout workouts.

This helps to reduce pains and aches that some people experience when they work out. It offers challenging cardio workouts. The cycle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers the frame, electronics and parts, and labor. It weighs about 152 pounds and it can be used by people who weigh a maximum of 300 pounds.

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike Review

Resistance Levels

This cycle has 20 resistance levels. It applies the Eddy current brake system to offer resistance. This system helps to provide inertia.

A magnetic yoke is included in the system to give you adjustable and precise resistance levels. The resistance also lasts longer compared to other systems. There are clear buttons on the system to help you adjust the resistance.

Preset Programs

The model has 10 preset programs including 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, and 2 heart rate programs. These program options allow you to customize your workout to ensure it meets your fitness needs.

The preset programs allow you to attain various objectives. Some of the programs that you can choose from include hill, fat burn, cardio, strength, and interval.

The custom programs allow you to enter your personal information such as weight and age to determine the most appropriate workout for you. Once you have customized a program, you can save it and use it several times.


It comes with an integrated LCD display. The display measures nine inches and is both crisp and bright. It is used to show vital information including the number of calories you have burned and distance covered.

You can also check your heart rate on the display. Its console is simplified to make your workouts frustration free.

Heart Rate Monitor

The cycle comes with a heart rate monitor. This monitor is both chest strap and pulse grip compatible. It is important to keep track of your heart rate during a work out to determine how hard you are working your body.

If you prefer to use the pulse grip option, all you have to do is place your hand on the handlebars. They come with monitoring sensors that will give you an accurate heart rate. You have to grip the handlebars properly to get a reading.

The chest strap option will give you information that is more precise. You will have to wear the chest strap around the chest during a work out. It transmits signals to the console where you can easily read the heart rate details.

Comfortable Seating

This is one of the aspects that have made this model a popular cycle among fitness enthusiasts. It features a padded seat that is adjustable and has a supportive back.

This makes it ideal for people who tend to experience lower back pain. With this comfortable seating, you can focus on your workouts. You can move the seat backward or forward depending on your body.

Adjustable seating is essential if you share the cycle with other users. People have different heights and this makes it necessary to make seat adjustments to ensure they are comfortable.

Sturdy Frame

You get a sturdy frame with the Sole Fitness R92 cycle. The design applies heavy steel tubing and aluminum shroud. This makes the model indestructible while remaining manageable and light.

Innovative Pedal Design

Its pedal design is one of the most innovative in the market. The pedals are slanted inward at two degrees. This 2-degree design the body in a very comfortable position to limit the amount of strain it is put through.

Its pedals are slanted inward at two degrees. This aspect has made it stand out. You will not have to endure foot and knee pain because the pedals align your joints and ensure they are in an appropriate position during each workout.

The pedals are also oversized and this makes it easy for users with big feet to use the cycle.

Quiet Operation

This model does not produce interruptive sounds during operation. You can easily watch news or a TV show while exercising with the Sole Fitness R92.

Sound System

This cycle has an MP3 compatible sound system. You can enjoy your favorite music as you exercise.

Bottle Holder

Hydration is essential when you work out and this model has made it easy for you to drink water and other fluids by including a bottle holder.

In Built Fan

The body tends to warm up when you exercise and this cycle helps you to keep cool with its in built fan. You will find it easier to work out for extended periods with a fan nearby.


Quiet operation
Custom programs
Adjustable seating
Oversized pedals
Ergonomic seat and pedals
Durable frame
Heart rate monitor
Bright display

Customer Reviews

This model is quite popular among users who are prone to back pain because of its ergonomic design. Its padded and adjustable seating is another aspect that has attracted a lot of users to this cycle.

Most users appreciate the simple console and custom programs. It has been highly rated on


The fan is not strong enough for some people but it is possible to adjust it to suit your individual needs.
The cycle can be slightly wobbly at times but this does not compromise its durability.
Tall people may find it difficult to use the bike but they can adjust the seat to get into a comfortable position.


If you prefer low-impact exercises this model can work well for you. It comes with an ergonomic design to reduce strain and allow you to focus on your fitness goals.

You can also monitor various details include distance, time, and heart rate, which are vital if you are trying to attain fitness.

This model is appropriate for those who have suffered injuries and want to remain fit. It also costs less than some of the cycles that offer similar features.