The Shimano PD M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal is a unique product that allows the user to enjoy its adaptable use. The Shimano Company has created innovative solutions for both casual and advanced cyclists. It combines the clipped and clipless designs in a bicycle pedal.

The feature allows the user to choose the most ideal match for the immediate purposes. Having a dual platform pedal is an ideal solution to having to change pedals when you are on a commute or going on a long trail ride.

SHIMANO PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal Review

Dual Platform Pedals

The clip bicycle pedal feature, commonly referred to as the SPD system is available in the Shimano PD M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal. It is designed for use with cycling shoes that fit into the cleat of the bicycle on one side and the other with sneakers.

In the past, this cleat system was not ideal because the shoes that fitted into the system could not be used for regular walking. This innovation allows the user to easily fit in their shoes while cycling and disengage easily.

The cleat retention capabilities can be compared to that used in skis and is perfect when going for a long journey that requires the extra security. The SPD-specific interface on this product is on one side of the pedals to enhance safety. The other purpose of the pedal is for common everyday use.

The other side without the interface has a standard platform that allows the cyclist to use the bicycle with common street shoes. It is handy when one wants to run a short errand and does not want to change shoes or get clipped in.

Pedal Construction

This Shimano pedal is built with an aluminum body. This ensures that the product lasts for longer periods of time. It has an excellent barrel finish that is smooth and effective in its purpose.

The Shimano PD M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal weighs around 1.17 pounds which is quite light to handle and has enough body to support the feet.

Additional Features

The cleat retention adjuster has been installed to ensure the comfort of the user. When riding clipped in, it may become necessary to make some slight changes for a more relaxed ride. The product also comes with a pair of 2-bolt cleats.

Pros of the Product

Dual platform shoes to use with different shoes for varied purposes.
Sturdy build of the pedals.
The product comes from a reputable manufacturer who popularized the SPD-system in bikes.
The adjuster available is quick and efficient.
Even when wearing cycling shoes, the cleat does not have to be used.
It can be used with a variety of bikes including spin bikes.

Customer Reviews

Users have ranked the product well and it has received a lot of positive feedback. It helps the riders enjoy versatility and a perfect design for those who commute frequently. The ease of use is also applauded and the installation of the product on a bike is easy.

Cons of the Product

Some users consider the pedals to be relatively heavy. However, it enhances the flywheel effect when riding.


This is an excellent item that enhances bike riding for all users. Consider purchasing the Shimano PD M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal for a versatile cycling experience.