This exercise bike can be a great purchase for you irrespective of you being an addict in biking or the one who is trying to discover the fun in indoor cycling. Phoenix 98623 Revolution is the best and perfect indoor bike that one could get for an optimal cost as the best spin bikes compared to the ones in the market. This bike that is highly affordable also comes with higher quality that makes it really a good choice for many of the individuals. It is the one that can be considered as versatile in offering the various kinds of services and also can easily make exercise a part of the routine of yours without having any kind of discomfort.

Phoenix 98623 Revolution Review

The products provide with great durability and also stability which are considered as the finest features that it do possess. The various parts and aspects of the bike is analyzed in such a way by the experts so that they could come with a good review for the customers. The bike has got also features for adjusting to different heights and the whole function can happen so fast that there is no need for you to worry about the whole functionalities it has got. There are many things that you need to know about the bike so that you can take a decision whether you actually need to have it or not.

Product Specification

This is the product that has actually gained the attention from all those people who are conscious about health and trying to make cycling as their routine. The product comes with the height of 42.5 inches and the width is about 24 inches. It can weigh to about 113 lbs and has the capability for holding a user of about 250 lbs.

There are so many other things that you get associated with the cycle which include the accessibility for step over, wheels to easily port the product, turn knob for adjusting the resistance, handlebar which is adjustable, seat that is adjustable, steel alloy frame of heavy duty, pedals with toe clip, flywheel of 39 lbs weight etc.

These kinds of things and specifications that you get from this product are indeed good for the cost of it. It can be considered as really a worthy product that one should consider for the daily exercise routine. There is also a warranty of one year you get with this product.


Sturdiness is one among the most incredible features of this indoor cycle that makes it much appealing. This is the bike that has got heavy duty with frame as well as other parts which are made out of steel. The flywheel that the phoenix 98623 has is the one which can weigh to about 39.6 lb and the whole product weighs to about 112 lbs.

This is the indoor cycle which is compact but has got adequate width so that the cycle will not have movements in two sides. It can provide you with the great kind of cycling experience without any kind of unwanted movement when you are really out of saddle and you are cycling hard. The product makes you feel so comfortable and safe that you will not feel that it is going to tip over.

The amount of vibration that you experience when you are using this indoor cycle is really very less that it may not have any impact on the quality of the workout that you are having with this indoor bike. The handle bars may also move a bit when it is made to get into the last hole for adjustment but it also do not create any hindrance.

Adjust ability

Seat of the bike can easily be adjusted both horizontally as well as vertically along with the handle bars which can easily be adjusted to either down or up. You can easily do adjustments by either loosening the knobs of adjustment of sliding post and reinserting pin in knob to appropriate hole with the post so that you can tighten it up/.

This can easily make the bike better for you to use as per your need and your height. There is no need for you to worry actually whether the bike is something that fits with your height but it can be made fit as per your needs.


Resistance is something applied with flywheel by actually turning tension knob on frame for giving a tougher workout which you can attain by climbing hill on the outdoor bike. There are chances for you to adjust resistance incrementally so that you can have a better and tougher form of exercise.

You can find tension knob near to frames top that is very near to the post of handlebar which can be used for making the bike act as per the type of the workout that you are doing. The knob even opens as well as closes a brake of the style caliper which actually has got brake pads on the flywheel thus applying resistance with the help of friction


Phoenic 98623 revolution is the indoor cycle which can provide with great return for the money that you spend on it. It is the kind of the stuff that any sports enthusiast can depend on for having a better and good workout in the home. The bike has the ability for providing top quality at the price that is really affordable.

The design of the bike is done in such a way that it is really sturdy as well as safe. The product is also compact so that it will not cover much ground space at your home. The adjust ability features that you get from the bike are also really good.


The only con that you may find with Phoenix 98623 is that this indoor cycle does not come with computer console with it. This can deprive the users from knowing information like the calories burned, distance covered, speed etc.


Phoenix 98623 is the product that can be suitable for all those who want to have a workout at home. It is meant for the ones who want to do intense workout. It is available in affordable cost with really impressive features.