The market for spin bikes is diverse and the Marcy ME-708 Upright Mag Cycle is a great product designed for optimal fitness. Whether you are looking to get rid of the extra pounds or seeking to build lean muscles, cycling is the ideal routine.

It gives an excellent cardio workout and enhances burning of calories. The Marcy Mag cycle is an investment that is both cost-effective and convenient.

Subscribing to gym memberships has long-term financial implications and time is wasted unnecessarily travelling to and from the centers. These advantages of having your own personal equipment coupled with the exceptional performance ensure that you have the best deal.

Marcy ME-708 Review

The design of the spin bike is compact and easy to use. It offers smooth and consistent pedaling resistance during the cycling sessions. The adjustable features make it a perfect match for people of all statures and the comfort offered is incredible.

The user can monitor the details of the workout through the LCD console. This helps in tracking progress and helps one to fulfill their long-term health goals. The product is built for extended durability as well as incredible resilience.

Ease of Use

The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is a comfortable model. Both beginners and advanced users will find its design intuitive. The seat has vertical adjustment capabilities to ensure that every person can find the right position according to their height.

The saddle is also padded to reduce the strain on major muscles and the lower back. The handlebars have been enhanced for a firmer grip. They are textured thickly and this reduces the possibility of getting blisters even when you have prolonged fitness routines.

The pedals have a large size to make certain that people of different sizes can fit well. The straps that are installed limit accidental slipping.

The spin bike is also very compactly constructed. It is suitable for even people who live in smaller areas. When placed in a room, its understated elegance will not cause overwhelming attention.

It can also be stored in even in limited spaces when not in use. Transporting the equipment is fairly easy with the handy wheels and the net weight is just a little over forty pounds.

Assembly and Performance

Magnetic resistance is used in the bike to offer different levels of challenges. The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle has eight levels to suit a range of users. Beginners can start with the simple levels and eventually build up the strength and endurance for more resistance.

The advanced users will also get a suitable challenge. The operation of the bike is quiet and smooth even under increased intensity and vigor. Those who love listening to music during their sessions will find it easy.

The delivered product comes in separate parts and assembly work is required. A detailed instruction manual is provided and the speed at which the task is accomplished will depend on the skills of the user. The tools required during the assembly process are provided by the manufacturer to make sure that the completed work is steady and secure.

Display Console

The spin bike is fitted with an LCD display screen. It is a great feature that allows the user to get real-time data on their exercise session.

The details provided are the calories that have been burned, the distance covered, the speed at which it was done and the length of time spent on the equipment. This can help those who have specific fitness goals accomplish them more easily.

Pros of the Product

Sturdy and durable construction.
The product offers comfortable seat, handlebars and pedals.
There is a display screen to show fitness data.
The assembly process is fairly simple with all the requirements provided.
There are eight resistance levels to suit users of different capabilities.
The operation is smooth and quiet even during intense sessions.
The spin bike has a limited warranty for two years.

Customer Reviews

The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is well ranked by those who purchased the product. It is a good investment that gives quality cardiovascular training and builds consistent muscle tone. The solid frame and durability is also highly appreciated.

Cons of the Product

The display console does not have its own backlight and therefore, it cannot be easily read in limited lighting.


Consider acquiring the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle if you need affordable exercise equipment that is effective in its purpose and created by a reputable manufacturer.