The Marcy NS-652 Foldable Exercise Bike is a great product for those looking for affordable and quality equipment. Exercise equipment can be an inconvenience when they take up too much space during use and storage. This foldable model is compact in design but retains its high performance.

It is a good alternative to going to the gym because it saves time. With this exercise bike, one can plan their own ideal time to start losing weight and building physical endurance.

Marcy NS-652 Review

The Marcy Fitness Company is a reliable and credible organization with a proven track record in producing superior equipment. The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is an upright model that has features which are not found in most equipment in the same price range. The design enhances comfort during sessions and reduces the characteristic back strain after a workout.

This is a recommended product for novice athletes because it easy to use. However, even the seasoned users will find the advanced resistance levels challenging.

Compact and Durable

The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike has been constructed solidly. The materials used in creating the components include steel which is sturdy to ensure that the bike is durable. The dimensions of the equipment ensure that it does not take a lot of space while in use.

When not in use, the innovative design allows it to be folded to become even smaller and occupy even less space. At only thirty six pounds, it is relatively easy to carry the product.

The maximum user weight capacity recommended is 250 pounds. The exercise bike is self-generating in terms of power source which makes it quite economical.


It is essential the exercise equipment provide features that allow a varied workout. The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike uses magnetic resistance to control the level of challenge posed to the user.

It is one of the most progressive ways that ensure that the operation is smooth even when at a more advanced level. There is a knob that allows for easy adjustment during exercise.

With eight resistance levels, it is possible to start by warming up and then building up to a more challenging program. It also provides for users of different capabilities.

Display and Monitoring

The Marcy bike comes with a screen that displays the specifics of each workout session. It is a widescreen console that helps the athlete to keep track of progress. It can serve as a way to remain motivated by attaining set fitness goals.

The data that is displayed includes the distance that has been covered, time spent doing so, the speed at which the cycling is being done and the calories burned in each session.

Comfort and Assembly

A lot of upright bikes receive negative feedback due to the discomfort experienced during the sessions. The Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike solves these problems by creating a design that is aimed at reducing strain and subsequent aching.

The seat on the bike is padded to make them more yielding. This helps the body form fit comfortably and with continual use it fits perfectly. The saddle is vertically adjustable to allow the best fit for your stature.

The wraparound handle bars make certain that there is a firm grip due to the padding. It is an ergonomic design that is popular and very progressive. The assembly process is simple and a manual is provided with all the necessary details.

Pros of the Product

The bike is constructed solidly with steel, plastic and foam for durability and resilience.
The product is compact, foldable and portable enhancing convenience.
The display console helps in keeping track of progress.
There are different resistance levels to offer varying challenges.
The model is very comfortable during use allowing extended sessions.
The pedals are counterweighted and have been fitted with straps to enhance safety.
Easy to assemble and use.

Customer Reviews

The users have rated the Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike highly and are happy with the performance. It is an affordable bike with great features. Its operation is considered quiet and the assembly process is easy. Most customers recommend it.

Cons of the Product

Some users found the assembly process confusing even with the manual. However, Marcy’s customer support is able to assist in case the guidelines are not sufficient.


Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike is a great product to acquire especially for beginners. The price is economical and the performance will help you attain your health goals.