The Marcy AIR 1 fan bike is an affordable option for people who want to train at home. It is designed by Impex Fitness, a company that is renowned for its innovative home fitness equipment. It comes with some dual action arms that are designed to work your entire body.

Its air resistance mechanism is quite innovative and allows you to enjoy greater resistance when you pedal fast. It features a simple computer that displays essential data including:

Scan mode
Speed levels
Calories burned

Marcy AIR 1 Fan Bike Review

One of the aspects that make this exercise bike stand out is the inclusion of an air flow fan that is designed to keep you cool as you work out. It measures 51” x 26” x 48” and weighs 81.8 pounds.

Easy Assembly

The Marcy AIR 1 fan bike is one of the easiest bikes to assemble. This gives it a great advantage over other models in the market. You will only have to spend a few minutes to set it up before you use it.

This is because its base is already in place when you purchase the bike. During the assembly process you will only have to put in screws, bolts, and nuts to make it ready for use.

It comes with a very clear and detailed manual that gives clear instructions on exactly what you should do during the assembly process.

Sturdy Frame

This exercise bike comes with a very sturdy frame that is largely made of steel. There are some plastic components but the use of steel makes it quite strong.

Its frame offers adequate stability and balance when you are working out. With this bike, there are no tipping concerns as you exercise.

Great Comfort

The bike offers great comfort because its seat is made of a vinyl covering that includes adequate cushioning. You also get additional comfort on the handle bars because they are covered with foam to reduce slippage during workouts.

Another advantage is the inclusion of weighted pedals that are counterbalanced. The pedals also come with some foot straps you can easily adjust to suit your preferences, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable fit.

Simple Console

The Marcy AIR 1 fan bike comes with a simple console that is very user friendly. There is nothing complicated on this unit. You will find it easy to track your calories, distance, time, and speed on the console. You need a couple of AA batteries for the console.

Transport Wheels

It has transport wheels that are included to boost mobility. You will be able to move this bike from one location to another with ease.


Built-in computer
In built fan
Transport wheels
Two-year warranty
Compact design
Dual-action arms
Adjustable seat
High-density seat
Adjustable pedal straps
Easy assembly

Customer Reviews

The exercise bike has gained popularity because it is affordable and it offers a comprehensive workout for the entire body. Its easy assembly has also made it a common choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Its comfortable and adjustable seat and the inclusion of a fan are two of the most well-liked features on this bike. It has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on


There are no in built programs on this exercise bike but you can make your workout more challenging by increasing your pedaling speed. When you pedal harder, you increase the resistance. This makes it great equipment for those who want to improve their cardio workouts.


This is a great bike if you are in search of an affordable model that is sturdy and will offer great performance. The in built computer also makes it easy for you to monitor your progress by displaying vital information on a simple screen.

The inclusion of a fan is an innovative idea that comes in very handy because you have to pedal as hard as you can when you want to get more resistance.

It is a comfortable bike that allows you to make adjustments on the seat and pedal straps to make it easy for you to work out. It can be a good choice for both beginners because it is easy to use and professionals can take advantage of the lack of resistance levels to push themselves harder.