Keiser M3 plus Indoor cycle is the ideal stationary trainer exercise bike for those who are serious and passionate about cycling. It is well built with long-lasting construction. It can support solid ride standing up to pedal. You can modify the cycle as per your wish with the help of the adjustable pedals, seat and handlebars.

Adding on to this the cycle also has a backlit computer. It displays the power output, heart rate, calories burnt and pedal time. This amazing exercise bike comes with 10 years warranty coverage.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Review

The new Keiser M3 plus Indoor Cycle has become the hot favorite of the user because to the technology used in. Here are some of the features:

Impressive Display

The M3 plus comes with an impressive backlit computer. The LCD screen shows six types of statistics at the same point of the time. You do not need to scroll through the stat every time. It does the calculations for you providing instant feedbacks. You can see your progress on the spot and work out accordingly. From a study it has been found that the in-built computer of this spine bike is the first one to get through the EN ISO 20957-1 accuracy rate.

Super adjustable seat and handlebars

Not all spin cycles can be adjusted as per users need. But this new Keiser M3 Plus has a wide range of adjusting capability. You can adjust the seat and handlebars according to your height.

Accurate resistance level

The new Keiser M3 plus comes with an accurate magnetic resistance system. It has 24 diverse gears. Each time you can set the correct resistance level as per your requirement. You do not need to guess the resistance level as in other inefficient pad resistance system. The magnetic resistance levels in this machine are ideal for the competitive cyclists. It helps them to keep track of their performance.

Whisper quite operation

The system of Keiser M3 plus has an exceptional quality. It can be operated anywhere without making any disturbing noise. You can work out while listening to music or watching a movie. You can even work out in the same room while someone is around still not disturbing him/her.

Long lasting durability

The Keiser M3 plus is built for heavy duty usage. It has been built for extensive use. It can endure daily robust use of serious cyclers. The new Keiser M3 plus has been built with top workout equipments which enhances the durability of this machine. This solid built machine comes with three years warranty on the mechanical and electronic equipments. Along with that it has 10 years of solid warranty on the frame.

Painless spin

Usually the spin bikes are painful to work out on. It becomes very difficult to swap the heavy wheels. Most of the times you get knee pain or back pain. But with the super comfy seats, awesome adjustable handle bars and adjustable pedals you can have smooth painless work out each time. The pedals can be easily run. It is swift and light.

Minimum maintenance

The Keiser M3 plus Cycle has an out-standing design. The cycle is built in such a way that it is easy to maintain. The machine is easy to put together. Apart from that it is also easy to change the parts if needed. It does not much effort to maintain the machine apart from just a quick wipe off after work outs. Minimum maintenance means you have an additional advantage of money.

Solid built

This machine has a solid construction. It has zero wear and tear advantage. Usually in the traditional spine bikes you have to change the parts most often as the wear out. It also has the ability to take on users up to 300 pounds.


Has magnetic resistance
There are 24 levels of resistance
Has six statistic readouts on computer at one point of time
Displays power output in watts, calories burnt, heart rate, pedaling time, odometer and revolution time
Noiseless spinning
Adjustable four way seat and handlebar
In built computer
SPD Shimano pedals
Designed and manufactured in the USA
Backlit LCD
Gravity based water holding option
10 years of frame protection and three years of electronic parts warranty
Has optional chest strap compatible

Customer reviews

The Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike 2015 has already become favorite of the users. It is available in two different colors, grey and black. The shipping facilities are impressive. It comes in a double layered well guarded box. It is easy to assemble.

You will just need30 minutes to set it up with the tools that come along. It is considered to be one of the most popular indoor exercise bikes. The extraordinary specifications have created a remarkable impression among the customers.

Users say that it is easy to assemble and it comes with fewer parts. Even though the price is a bit higher still the adjustable 4 way seat and handlebars wins the competition. It does worth paying the high price.

The majority of the users are recommending this machine for the smooth experience of work out. It has made a strong position by now. If you will check the reviews given by the real users of this product at different websites, then you will find that most of the buyers are happy with the product and they do recommend to others as well.


No work our programs are available
No in built heart rate monitor
High price


The new Keiser M3 Plus Indoor Cycle Stationary Indoor Trainer Exercise Bike 2015 is the apt one for you if you are looking for smooth work out. This well built machine allows you to use it extensive for a long period of time.

Anyone can use this cycle as it easy to adjust according to the height. Not only you, your kids can also use this machine for a long time as they grow up. The accurate magnetic resistance and the in-built computer make it easier for you to operate while working out.

If you want to lose weight and get top form of fitness then you must opt of Keiser M3 plus indoor cycle. You will sure have an extraordinary experience of work out.