How to Use Indoor Cycling Bikes

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Are you planning to lose weight? Or looking forward to improve your stamina with a good cardio? Be whatever the reason for, indoor cycling bikes are the best option. Spinning bike, using a stationary bike are popular forms of indoor exercise that are available. This type of exercise gives your body a high intense cardio workout, develops a good stamina, and builds endurance. Indoor cycling is one organized activity that improves the intensity, strength and recovery of the body.

Tips to use indoor cycling Bikes:

Before you start your workout, customize your ride

There is few adjustment which you need to do to your bike. The right customizing can make bring a lot difference while riding. You need to understand the best height when you seat. For this you need to stand next to your bike and get the set to the height of your hip. When you are on the bike, bend your leg at aorund30 degrees at the pedal stroke bottom and align the knees over your toes.

Find the appropriate distance between the handle bar and seat by placing your elbow at the tip of the seat.

Adjust the saddle angle

This is necessary to be done so that your body gets proper support. The angle of the seat must match with your body weight for better movement on the seat whenever needed. If the tilt is done too much then it can put pressure on the knees. Your tilt on the cycle should not be too much in the downward position otherwise it can make you slide too forward when you will be riding. This can put excess pressure in hands, arms and knees causing some kind of severe injury. Try to keep the tilt in more like a straight position.

Make your Seat Fore/Aft Position proper

Indoor cycling at the beginning needs lot of adjustment. You similarly need to adjust the seat backward and forward in the right manner. Your feet should be on the pedals and arms must be parallel with the ground. This will give a better position to workout.

Handlebar must be adjusted well

Mostly handlebars are too high. Depending on your comfort level, you can adjust it well. Avoid keeping it too close, too far or too high otherwise it will cause a hand pain. You must reach comfortably so that all position on you can work out comfortably while keeping your elbow bent in the right way while riding.

Make adjustment for the pedal clip

There are so many bikes that have got straps which generally hold the feet well in the pedal. To make sure your pedal doesn’t slip from the pedal make sure you wear your shoes well and also strap the feet in the pedal right enough to push down for efficient pedal stroke.

A good warm-up is a must

Indoor cycling is one of the insets work out which you will be performing. Hence, ensure that you do a warm up in which your all body arts get proper stretches, good flexibility so that unnecessary cramps or pain does not occur. Warm-up reduces the chances of injury and muscle stiffness.

Indoor cycling is a fast paced workout that has got many health benefits. It improves a complete cardiovascular functioning. Right form weight loss till stress reliever, this workout is the best thing to start up your day with. A daily workout with indoor cycling can help you burn up to 600 calories. Besides, it targets the body fat and ensures that your BMI (Body Mass Index) stays in control.

In case you have any kind of issue related to joint or muscle strain, then ensure that you consult with your doctor for the same. Indoor bike cycling if well adjusted can give you better result but if you are still not sure, then a gym trainer can help you out. Perform this workout on regular basis and try to do it extremely safely. There is no rush to start the workout at fast pace in the beginning itself. Take your time, learn the bicycling track and different challenges available and then speed up well. This will give you better results and that too for a long time. Stay healthy and be fit!

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