There are many exercise bike models available in the market today. Each is aimed at creating convenience for the user and enhancing the experience. The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike is an innovation that allows the user to work while still exercising.

There are many reasons that people fail to have an exercise routine. Going to the gym is time consuming and often the membership is expensive.

With this new solution, both problems are dealt with. It is an exercise bike which has a functional desk attached. This gives the product an edge in multitasking because one can type or study on the desk while at the same time pedaling. The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with massage bar is solidly constructed for durability and stability.

The model has specifically been molded to fit a comfortable posture when seated to reduce strain. This ensures that the period of exercise is extended. The user can either work when upright or in the more favored semi-recumbent position.

The desk has n non-slide surface to ensure that the items placed on it stay put. The massage rollers that have been fitted to the armrests make typing much easier.

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar Review

The FitDesk

The sliding desk is one of the best features in this exercise bike. It is ideal if you want to keep up with a health routine while you do not have time. The desk is adjustable and can fit most laptops which can be held with the attached straps. Like a real desk, it has drawers that can store small items such as phones, pens or the music player you are using.

The dimensions of the desk are 16” by 19” which can also be used for reading magazines or catching up with school work. It is on this desk that one is able to keep track of the amount of exercise being done. The data presented includes the number of miles covered, the resistance level and the calories burnt during each session.

Like most exercise bikes, it has eight predetermined levels of resistance that are controlled with magnetism. As one becomes more fit and well versed in the use of the bike, the challenge can be increased.


The seat has been padded to support the weight and evenly distribute it. This ensures that one can sit for extended periods of time. The seat is adjustable to fit every individual’s size and height. The backrest for the bike as well as an extender is included in the model.

These who do not like the upright position can adjust it to the easier semi recumbent position. This posture reduces pressure exerted on the lower back while pedaling. The armrests in the chair are fitted with massage rollers that ease the typing stress in the arms.

The convenience that one experiences is also of a very high level. Unlike other models that allow users to watch TV or play games, the FitDeskv2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with massage bar goes beyond that.

Quality Construction

The exercise bike has a frame that is impressively stable and compact. The desk can be folded when not in use. It is also fitted with handy wheels for transport and it takes up very little space during storage.

The components used in the body are aluminum and steel. These are durable and resilient under pressure. Unlike plastic, this has an extended lifespan and is a sound investment.

The operation is very quiet allowing you to concentrate on other important issues. The flywheel that has been fitted is balanced and the ball bearings used are of the highest quality to ensure that flawless operation.

Pros of the Product

It has a handy sliding desk that allows multitasking. The drawers and the laptop straps enhance its functionality.
There is massage rollers fitted to enhance comfort while typing.
The seat and backrest have been created in a design that distributes weight properly.
There are eight resistance levels to allow different difficulty levels for exercise.
Durability is guaranteed with the steel and aluminum construction for the gear box.
Foldable to ease storage.

Customer Reviews

Almost all customers who have used the product give it a perfect score. It is affordable and the value that will be achieved is very high. It is easy to assemble and can be put either in the office or the house.

Cons of the Product

Some users complained of machinery sounds. If this is noticed, the customer care service will effectively help.


If you enjoy multitasking and would like equipment to enhance your exercise experience, FitDeskv2.0