The Exerpeutic 2000 is one of the most popular brands of recumbent bikes in the market. It’s an ideal choice of spinner if you’re on the lookout for a bike that gives you the luxury to exercise in comfort.

The bike comes with an inimitable Air Soft seat, aerodynamically designed to absorb shock and disperse your weight. Around the sides of the seat there’s a soft PVC weave cushion and high tech honey comb mesh for offering maximum air flow and support.

Exerpeutic 2000 Recumbent Bike Review

Flywheel, Crank and Pedals

The bike arrives with a standard precision-balanced flywheel spotting a V-belt drive that goes a long way to ensure you have all the quietness you need while pedalling. You can also multi-task while riding as there is no noise to distract you.

This is a common feature in almost all the recumbent bikes that utilize the crank and drive system. The only difference is on how the parts are integrated and on the durability associated with Exerpeutic bikes.

Tension Resistance

The bike has eight resistance levels to choose from. This is enough to ensure you make the best out of your work out.

Unlike its predecessor, Exerpeutic 900XL, the bike allows you to control the resistance right from the console. This makes it even more convenient as you don’t have to reach for the adjustment knob and twist it.

Although it still uses magnetic resistance, the resistance offered is NOT in any way weak. You don’t have to set it to max to get enough resistance.

Readouts and Display Types

You can check your workout data from the LCD console. The only limitation is that the display offered is NOT backlit. You can’t see the screen when it’s dark; you’ll be required to turn on the light to see the screen.

The number displayed are large enough to make it easy for you to read the console. You’ll still be able to see it even when you’re fully leaning on your back rest.

Console Functions

The console arrives with several functions you can use, including:

i… The Scan Function
This function allows the computer to scan every function recorded on the bike in sequence. It refreshes after every 6 seconds.

ii… Speed Function
This displays the speed of your current work out. It features a split window which displays both the speed and RPM, both of which refresh after every 6 seconds.

iii… Time Function
This shows your elapsed cycling time in both minutes and seconds. It also allows you to set a time goal that the clock will be counting down until you beat it.

Heart Rate Monitor

The bike’s heart rate monitor utilizes unique sensors placed on the handrails on the front seat. Place your arms on the armrest and the machine will automatically start monitoring your heart rate.

This feature is meant to make your work out even more interesting. By selecting a suitable heart rate zone, you can adjust the way you work out and strengthen your heart as well.


Its step-through design makes it easy for users to mount and dismount it. This makes it possible for the elderly and the injured to use the machine.
The air-soft seat is about 3.5 inches thick to provide cool, shock-absorbing support.
The bike provides all the comfort you’ll ever need in a bike. You can sit on the bike for hours without fidgeting or feeling uncomfortable.
The seat is large enough to accommodate anyone regardless of their size.
The backrest has been contoured to be in line with your body shape. The armrests are also designed to help you hold the sensors without interfering with your workout.
The machine comes with an iPad holder that you can still use to hold books and other media.
It spots a drive system and flywheel that makes your pedalling smooth and completely soundless.
It features four user profiles that you can save for future reference.
It has eight resistance levels that you can choose and operate from the LCD console.
The assembly unit has all the instructions you’ll need to put the machine together.


The console is NOT backlit; you won’t be able to read it in the dark.
You’ll have to hop off the bike to adjust the seat.
The bike uses seat adjustment knobs even at such a time when other bikes in the same category boast a seat adjustment lever.

Customer Reviews

The model was only released 2 years ago and has managed to garner thousands of positive reviews online. Many of its reviewers are pleased with the comfort it offers, whereas others simply love it for its durability.

The Wrap Up

The Exerpeutic 2000 is an excellent choice of bike for anyone NOT comfortable with their recumbent bike seats and are on the lookout for something more comfortable and supportive. The company could have done much better had it chosen to include more features, but overall, the bike is an excellent choice if you’re torn between picking it and any other brand of recumbent.