The Diamondback 910SR is designed for individuals who want low-impact workouts and comfortable seating. It is ideal for those who find it difficult to use upright cycles because its seat is more supportive. This bike gives you comprehensive aerobic workouts whether you are a beginner or at an advanced fitness level.

It is also a great choice if you suffer from stress fractures, connective tissue or joint injuries, chronic pain or chronic arthritis. Pregnant women can use this model comfortably without any effect.

Diamondback Fitness 910SR

Resistance Levels

The bike has 32 resistance levels. You get to select the specific resistance you need to help you reach your fitness goals. With these resistance levels, you have a wide range of workout options.

You can increase resistance as your muscles strengthen and endurance grows. It is possible to fine tune your workouts to particular user needs depending on your goals, fitness level, and experience.

Preset Programs

It comes with 35 preset programs. This makes the model a great choice for users at different levels. It also includes specialized programs that target your heart rate. This is essential to build endurance and fitness.


It has an LCD display that helps to deliver all the workout details you need. The display is quite clear and it will allow you to monitor heart rate, time, calories burned, and speed. Its adjustable console has a variety of features that will encourage you to work out.

The console has built-in speakers and all you have to do is plug in your devices through its 3.5mm jack to play any music through its onboard speakers. You do not need to use headphones to listen to music on this bike.

Its user interface is quite straightforward and is considered one of the best when compared to other bikes. There are several buttons on this product but you will find it easy to figure them out even before you use the manual.

It also comes with an in built USB port. This allows you to charge devices as you ride on the cycle.

It has an in built reading rack. You can use this rack to hold magazines and books. This allows you to multitask as you work out.

When you purchase this model, you also get a first or second generation iPad as part of the console.

Heart Rate Monitor

There is a state-of-the-art heart rate monitor on this bike. It is a wireless monitor and this means that you do not have to keep your hand on a pulse rate sensor to determine your heart rate.

Comfortable Seating

It has a high seat that is designed to offer superior comfort. The seat features some mesh on the entire back and you can adjust it up or down.

Recumbent Design

This design is quite helpful because it keeps your body in an ergonomic position. This reduces stress on sensitive areas of your lower back.

It also helps to distribute your weight evenly and this makes your workouts more comfortable. You do not have to worry about pains and aches at all when you use this bike.

This recline design will also make it easy for you to target your thigh and gluteus muscles.

Easy Assembly

The Diamondback 910SR is easy to assemble. You can put it together in about an hour. The manual offers all the instructions you need. It weighs about 152 pounds and this means makes it necessary to assemble it where you intend to use it.

Quiet Operation

This is a very quiet model because of the use of an Eddy Current brake system. It will remain silent even when you increase the cycling speed or resistance level. You will not have any interruptions when you listen to music, watch TC or use your phone while you work out on this model.

Cooling Fan

The model comes with an in built cooling fan. It is an adjustable fan and this allows you to remain cool throughout your workout.

Water Bottle Holder

It comes with a holder where you can place your water bottle. You will have water within easy access during workouts. A water bottle is provided as an optional feature when you purchase the bike.


Recumbent design that offers comprehensive workouts
Integrated heart rate motor
Quiet operation
Easy assembly
Comfortable and adjustable seating
Variety of resistance options
Preset programs

Customer Reviews

This model comes with several state-of-the-art features that have attracted several users. A large number of users appreciate the high seat because of the support it offers.

Customers also commend the wide range of preset programs and resistance options that they get with this bike. Its quiet operation and smooth workouts also make it a popular cycle. It has been rated 4 out of 5 stars on


This bike is quite heavy compared to other cycles. It is 152 pounds and this means that you will find it difficult to move it from one part of the house to another but you will enjoy better workouts with it.

It also costs more than most of the bikes that apply the recumbent design but this is because it comes with better components to enhance your fitness.


The Diamondback 910SR is a great choice if you have an unlimited budget and want one of the best recumbent models. It does not disappoint with its wide range of features including in built speakers, reading rack, iPad, and USB port.

This comfortable model will make it easier to keep track of your heart rate and speed. Its simple interface also makes it easy to use. The model is a good option for those who want something comfortable that will still target most of the muscles in the body.

If you are thinking of trying a recumbent model, this is one of the options to consider. You get a low-impact workout and remain relaxed throughout because of its recline design and full-sized seat. Its quiet operation also makes it convenient for those who want to catch up with other activities as they work out.